Rational Manifestation Toolkit by Everesse

Rational Manifestation Toolkit

We've curated a set of practical online tools that will assist you in bringing forth your bright ideas more efficiently using our VAPOR manifestation technique. No charms, crystal or chants needed. 

Our manifestation framework

VAPOR stands for Vision, Aim, Process, Operation and Results. This manifestation technique for rational thinkers guides you through a practical approach to moving your ideas and desires from fantasy to reality.  

What's included?

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Manifestation Framework: VAPOR
Digital Tools for Rational Manifestation
A Powerful Manifestation Framework
Manifestation Technique: Vision
The Vision Element
Journaling, reflection and note-taking
Productivity, goal setting and habit tracking
Insights into thought experiments
Manifestation Technique: Aim
The Aim Element
Create a daily routine
Create a morning routine
Learn proper breathing techniques
Breathing for focus, clarity and intention setting
Manifestation Technique: Process
The Process Element
Strategic planning 101
The design thinking strategic process
Cloud-based word processing and spreadsheet software
Manifestation Technique: Operation
The Operation Element
Project management tool 1
Project management tool 2
Manifestation Technique: Result
The Result Element
How to practice gratitude
Guided gratitude and reflection