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January 17, 2020

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to welcome you here. My hope is that The Forum becomes your go-to destination for personal, creative and professional development. 

We are on a mission to build a thriving community of likeminded thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs — and we need your help. We'd love if you could make comments, ask questions, request resources and feel completely at ease with interacting with our team and fellow members.

Since this community is in its infancy, it will take some time to get ramped up. In the beginning it may not be as active as more seasoned forums. Bear with us — we are going to put a lot of effort into sparking interaction. I will personally be managing and moderating the space and available for anything you need.

In the meantime, take the time to immerse yourself in the wealth of resources available.

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For some, I know it may be tempting to download all of the current set of resources and run (I've been that person before so no judgments)! But it would mean so much if you'd stick around for a while and see the additional value you can gain by being engaged, as building community is the most important aspect of what we want to do here. 

Moreover, for paid members we are regularly adding new resources including bonus content that you can't find or purchase anywhere else. You definitely don't want to miss all that we have in store.

Lastly, do us a favor and quickly introduce yourself in the comments of this post. You can share as much (or as little) about who you are and what you do. We'd love to get to get to know you! I sincerely appreciate you joining and am very excited to connect. 
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Susanne Helgesen

Hi! I am Susanne. From Norway. In private: Mother. Wife. Animal lover. In "business": Co-Creator. Rulebreaker. Messenger. In the process of creating content for articles and more related to what will further down the line become something I can call a business

Melissa Clough

Hi I’m Melissa and I’m always thriving to improve!

Lynn Westerlinck

Hi, I'm Lynn and very much into personal development. I'm still figuring out things career wise and taking it one step at a time. It took me a while to take this step, but here i am. :)


Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm just trying to kickstart my career and get a clear direction as I move forward.


Hi its deo.. hoping to see how self awareness goes. Excited.


Hello, I’m Maria, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, trying to navigate my next step. I’m very creative, but have trouble making decisions. Hoping to be inspired and led to my next step here! Xoxoxoxo

Everesse Team

Hi Maria, welcome! Glad to have you, and if you need any specific help on navigating next steps please don't hesitate to let us know. I'm sure there are some resources we can support you with.

Jerri Shannon

I am always interested in self awareness and improvement. I’m excited to learn what this Forum has to offer.

Everesse Team

Hi Jerri, thanks for joining. I hope you have been diving into all of the personal development tools we've added to your dashboard. If you need anything in particular as it pertains to self-awareness just let us know!


Hi, hello my name is Jany Chrishannamarie Scott. I'm from California and I'm a college student studying legal studies

Everesse Team

Hey Jany, so very glad to have you :) If you need anything as you decide on your post-college pursuits let us know!

Katrina Huffman

Hello! I’m Katrina. I’m an artist and letterpress printer from Texas. I’m a mother, animal lover, and aspiring homesteader. My family and I recently moved to the country, and are trying to transition to a more simple, sustainable lifestyle. My creative business was supplementary for a long time while I kept our young children, and my hope is to have it become the primary income for our family. My husband had a high pressure career in Dallas with a terrible commute in traffic, and essentially suffered a nervous breakdown. Long story very short, we bought an old farmhouse and have been fixing it up one project at a time. My husband is doing better, and, though it isn’t what I expected, I think we can make a happy life here.

Everesse Team

HI Katrina! Wonderful to have you and kudos to taking the steps needed to do what is right for your family. The country life can indeed be a beautiful life and a great place to nurture your creativity. Wishing you the very best.

Lisa Devlin

Hi! I’m Lisa live in the Uk, have been a hairstylist and salon owner since the age of 19. I now work from home and growing my other interests. I have worked in the education field in my industry and now have more free time to grow my spiritual awareness. After suffering a great deal with excessive trauma in my life I know choose to spend more time developing my creative and counselling side. I’ve recently finished a level 3 Councelling course. I also love Art, I paint, draw, love nature ... but I tend to scramble around. I won’t to minimalism and focus rather than worrying about what I’m not doing when I’m concentrating on something else... FOCUS!!! Be in the hear and nowadays ...! I’m also practising meditation and mindfulness .... eager to Grab life by the horns .... looking forward to connecting with like minded people xx

Everesse Team

Hi Lisa! I'm very happy to have you here. Wonderful to hear that you are dabbling in many different creative pursuits. Nothing wrong with exploring all of the things that bring you joy. We've also been working on a project on the more spiritual and philosophical side of things as we've noticed trends that suggest this is a fundamental part of life but many people ignore or suppress it. I will announce it shortly! :)

Kinga Dunikowski

Hi to everyone,
My name is Kinga. I live in Berlin and am an artist.
I am here as I highly appreciate the texts, the podcasts and the materials you are sharing.
Of course, me too, I have „my issues“ but when I think about my „why am I here“ it is that it is a real pleasure for me to deal with someone that surprises me in the most positive sense, someone I think is a very smart person. Sometimes it is the small shifts in thinking/perspective that make a huge difference. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge! I hope to find more smart-and-open-minded people here.

Everesse Team

Welcome Kinga and thanks so much for your kind words! Much appreciated and looking forward to sharing many more resources that support you in your growth goals.

P.S. Happy to see a few Berliners here! Lived there for four years and loved it.


Hello everyone!
My name is Anna, I live in Moscow, Russia and work as a Software Engineer in a company which specialises in digital orthodontics.
I am not planing to become an entrepreneur in the nearest future but right now I feel frustrated on my career path. That's why I am here :) I hope to clarify my goals and become more consistent with my day to day choices and actions toward something that really matters to me

Everesse Team

Hi Anna, welcome! I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated on your career path but believe we have some resources that can help. For now I'd start with the happiness resources (access the planner in the dashboard). We are also in the process of publishing a How to Be Happy workshop.

On top of that we will send an email with a link to our personal development course which all new members will have access to. This course along with the happiness tools walk you through a process of figuring what matters and putting a process in place for obtaining it!

Andrea Nunes

Hello there!
My name is Andrea and I still live in São Paulo, Brazil. Some time this year I’m moving to Portugal, though. Most likely to Lisbon or Setúbal.
I used to work with PR, content creation and social media management, mostly for professional athletes (like soccer players). But that wasn’t fulfilling at all to me.
So, recently, I’ve decided to become a (Personal) Brand Photographer for female business owners, after specializing in Commercial Photography to help create my mom’s website & social media visual content (she’s a vegan chef).
My intention is to work all over Portugal and Europe (maybe, even in the USA & Canada if clients are willing to pay for flights & accommodation).
For that to happen, I’ll have to start creating content in both Portuguese & English.
I’m hoping to feel more inspired to create a portfolio which will showcase the type of dream clients I want to attract in Europe. And also motivated to do all the hard work of starting all over again, somewhere completely new.

Everesse Team

Hi Andrea! Sounds like a wonderful plan you have in place for yourself and business. I've been in Portugal for the past year and it is lovely. There's a thriving creative and entrepreneurial scene in Lisbon so hopefully you'll find great clients there (and have a lot of fun too!

Crystal Nichole™

Hello All! I'm Crystal Nichole™ a personal brand coach - newly launching this March. The aesthetics and flow of content are what attracted me to Everesse. I'm looking to grow my business with like-minded individuals. :)

Everesse Team

Welcome Crystal and thank you! Congratulations on the launch of your business. However we can help you go next level just let us know.

Maisyn Kline

Hi, my name is Maisyn. I'm a single parent to my 6 year old who has adhd. I currently work for a nonprofit as a preschool teacher, but I really want to work from home to be able to support my son even more. I'm at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and am excited but nervous to see where it goes.

Everesse Team

Hi Maisyn, so glad to have you and kudos for taking the first steps in your entrepreneurial journey! Let us know how we can help you in the beginning stages.

Shell Chua

Hello fellow members! My name is Shell and I'm from the Philippines.🌴 I'm a career woman turned homemaker to our 6 month old

Everesse Team

Hi Shell! Welcome and congratulations on the birth of your little one :)

Kat Jost

Hi, I'm Kat! I teach mental wellness and resilience skills through my company, Skilled Not Ill (www.skillednotill.com). I'm in the process of planning its second life. New name, new branding, new services. I started Skilled Not Ill on an impulse 2 years ago because I wanted to save the world and thought entrepreneurship would be easy. I have since learned a lot about what it takes to run a business and am eager to get things right this time. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Everesse Team

Sounds like a fabulous, much-needed business model. Feel free to share your thoughts on any specific business resources you need ... and welcome!

Kat Jost

Thank you so much! Actually I'm in desperate need of copywriting help. I have the idea for the new business pitch, but I'm struggling to put it in words that are clear and enticing. Do you have any copywriting resources?

Everesse Team

Hey Kat! I sure do. These are two copy experts I would recommend.


Hope this helps!

Andrea Nunes

Another great copywriting company is Wordfetti from Australia. Their team is awesome!
Their website: www.wordfettigroup.com/work

Kat Jost

Thank you so much! I'm pre-rich right now (that's my positive spin on the word "broke") so they're out of my price range, but I bookmarked them!

Everesse Team

Thanks Andrea! Kat I'll try to be on the look out for more affordable options!

👋🏽 I’m Marie; I took my severe nickel (metal) allergy and turned it to a eco friendly accessory business. I am looking forward to growing my business online this year. @kinetiksoul

Everesse Team

Hi Marie! Welcome and congratulations on your business! So excited you are here :)

Kat Jost

Hi Marie! I just checked your Instagram, and your work is absolutely beautiful. I love that you turned a negative thing into a positive one.

Everesse Team

So very excited to have you here. Mind briefly introducing yourself so we can get to know you :)

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