Growth Mindset: Self Improve with Positive Thinking by Everesse

Growth Mindset: Self Improve with Positive Thinking

Design your life, develop yourself, and improve your work with this exclusive collection of personal growth resources.

While surviving is just existing, thriving is continuous growth and progress — and the difference comes down to your way of thinking.

If you want to live a more fulfilling life the most important change you can make is to develop a growth mindset.

Individuals with growth mindsets see and pursue potential. They believe they can improve themselves and their work with smart strategies, good habits, and well-placed investments in their future.

Do you want to thrive by building a growth mindset? Then unlock this exclusive collection of tools and resources that will help you develop each area of your life including your business. 

This collection of resources was specifically designed to help you reach your potential.

The curriculum is comprised of over a dozen guides that will help you elevate your thinking, including but not limited to:

  • Design Your Life Roadmap & Guide
  • Wheel of Life Guide & Workbook 
  • Elevate Your Mindset Journal Prompts
  • How to Read Books Better: Checklist 
  • Recommended Reading List 
  • Realistic Goals Guide & Worksheet 
  • Growth Mindset Email Course


This is one of few personal development sites I’ve come across that not only tell you what to do but show you exactly how to do it. I also love your holistic approach by addressing different lifestyle areas. I feel like this is becoming my one-stop shop for personal and professional improvement.
Kevin, Solopreneur, San Francisco
Kudos to you for creating such a beautiful site. Seems like you have such a positive spirit and I’ve enjoyed following your work. Just wanted to say that your resource library went above and beyond what I was expecting. A fabulous collection of tools.
Dr. Angela W., Surgeon & Wellness Entrepreneur (UK)

Get ready to make progress and reach your potential with the right frame of mind. 

Bonus: Complimentary Coaching

Your membership includes a complimentary coaching session to explore how to approach your personal, creative or business goals and challenges.

What's included?

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Welcome & Start Here
Welcome to the Growth Mindset Curriculum
Referral Program
Bonus: Mindset Coaching
Complimentary Coaching Session
Coaching Program Discount (up to 25%)
How to Be Happy
How to Be Happy Guide
Life Roadmap Workbook
1.49 MB
Wheel of Life Guide
Wheel of Life Workbook
15.6 MB
Core Values List
53.8 KB
Design Your Life Guide
Life Design Assessment
Develop a Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Guide
Growth Mindset Masterclass
Elevate Your Mindset Journal Prompts
89.2 KB
Realistic Goals & Resolutions
222 KB
Think Like a Stoic Guide
Growth Mindset Books
How to Read Checklist
111 KB


How do I benefit from these resources?

If you want to live a more fulfilling life and do more meaningful work, the most important change you can make is to develop a growth mindset. If you are eager to elevate the way you approach your life and work then digging into these resources is an excellent way to start.

How does it work?

Once you checkout you will be given instant access to an exclusive members-only page that houses all of the library content. We will also send you a welcome email with details on how to get started. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Do to the low investment and instantaneous access to all of the materials that can be downloaded and shared, refunds are only available on a case-by-case basis. 

Are the resource regularly updated?

Yes, new resources are regularly added (typically on a monthly basis). 

Essential strategies for elevating your life and work

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