Design Your Life: Learn the Art of Essentialism and Live with Intention by Everesse

Design Your Life: Learn the Art of Essentialism and Live with Intention

Learn how to live with intention, elevate your mindset and design a life that's focused on the essential.

Focus on what matters most

Every week for over two months, we unlock a robust set of guides that teach you how to eliminate the nonessential and streamline your life so you can focus on what matters most. 

What's included?

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How to Design Your Life
Design Your Life
Develop a Life Philosophy.pdf
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Manage Your Wheel of Life.pdf
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Get Unstuck.pdf
29.2 KB
Slow Down.pdf
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Design Your Desires
Be More Mindful.pdf
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Learn How to be Content.pdf
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Practice Gratitude.pdf
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Design Your Work
Embrace Procrastination.pdf
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Be Strategic in Life.pdf
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Design Your Finances
Balance Money and Meaning.pdf
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Design Your Space
Borrow from Feng Shui.pdf
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Eliminate Clutter.pdf
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Organize Your Essentials.pdf
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Design Your Relationships
Avoid Useless Conflict.pdf
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Be in Sync with Others.pdf
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Know What You Don't.pdf
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Design Your Health
Consider Meditation or Alternatives.pdf
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Develop a Self-Care Routine.pdf
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Sleep On It.pdf
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Design Your Mindset
Cut Down on News Consumption.pdf
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Elevate Your Mindset.pdf
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Overcome Scarcity Thinking.pdf
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Think Like a Stoic.pdf
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Design Your Schedule
Create a Realistic Routine.pdf
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Plan Your Day.pdf
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Protect Your Mornings.pdf
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Say No.pdf
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Design Your Tasks
Automate Repetitive Tasks.pdf
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Don't Try To Do It All.pdf
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Fix the Nagging Issues.pdf
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Design Your Taste
Refine Your Reading Routine.pdf
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Simplify Your Travel.pdf
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Streamline Your Style.pdf
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Design Your Happiness
Anticipate Joy.pdf
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Focus on What Matters.pdf
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Indulge in Simple Pleasures.pdf
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Laugh A lot.pdf
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Essential strategies for elevating your life and work

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