Business Development Masterclass by Everesse

Business Development Masterclass

Learn my proprietary formula for designing your life, nurturing your creative spirit and building a thriving business. 

About the Masterclass

This complimentary masterclass for current and aspiring creative entrepreneurs will teach you the proprietary Abundant Business Blueprint™ formula for determining your purpose and building a thriving business that supports it. 

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If you want freedom, fulfillment and financial success — as these three elements are the foundation of the formula and key to your ability to thrive.
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Get the step-by-step formula

✓ Experiencing more freedom by becoming empowered to live on your own terms and freely express your ideas, talents and interests.

✓ Finding fulfillment which is obtained by listening to your intuition and building a growth mindset to enhance creative output.

✓ Achieving financial success which is a byproduct of mastering the art of creating wealth for others so you can live abundantly as well.

Plus special bonus content is included for all attendees as well as an exclusive invitation for those who complete the training. 

If you are starting a business, growing a business or trying to balance personal growth with business growth, enroll now for instant access to the masterclass.
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What's included?

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Masterclass Introduction
Masterclass Introduction
2 mins
Masterclass Workbook
158 KB
Masterclass Training
Abundant Business Blueprint™ Masterclass
Masterclass — Audio Version
28 mins
Masterclass Resources
Complimentary Strategy Session
The Everesse Coaching Program
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