The Branding Blueprint Course by Everesse Team
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The Branding Blueprint Course

An easy and effective framework for creating an influential business or personal brand.
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How difficult is it to build an influential brand?

You may think it involves an expensive and time intensive process such as hiring an agency, giving them a small fortune, going through a bunch of complex steps, then waiting months until they finally get back to you after working their "magic.

The idea is after all this time, money, and effort they'll emerge from a black hole with the "perfect" brand strategy in place. And if you happen to be disappointed in the outcomes you are essentially stuck with it (unless you want to spend even more time, money and energy).

This is a complete myth. It doesn't have to be that difficult at all. As former brand and marketing executives we know from experience, there is a better way.

We've advised and worked with small businesses and startups, midsize and emerging companies, and several Fortune 500 iconic brands — and from this experience we know it need not take a crazy amount of time, energy, or money to establish a strong brand.

As a thinker, creator or entrepreneur you can build an influential brand from scratch, without spending a fortune, if you understand the basics.

Branding doesn't have to be difficult

Our brand strategy course dispels the myth by streamlining the brand-building process for creative entrepreneurs.  Sure, there is an art and science to this, but it's nothing you can't master if you commit to our 4-part framework. 

A Simple Branding Framework: The 4Vs


You'll learn how to create a strong vision that communicates why you exist and what you stand for. This vision will guide you in determining and reaching the goals you want to achieve in the future.


You'll understand your value — what you have to offer that is unique, important, and relevant in the eyes of the consumer. This clarity will ensure you address the most pressing consumer needs, problems, or desires and it get at the heart of why you or your business should be chosen over others.


You will be purposeful in your manner of communication by focusing on what you say, how you say it, and the feeling it conveys. This includes carefully craft a distinct prose that engages, inspires, motivates, influences, and establishes trust.


You'll be guided on how to design the visible elements of your brand so they impart a symbolic meaning that goes beyond what words alone can express. Your visual identity will set the foundation necessary for your brand to be distinguishable, recognizable, and relatable.
My team and I worked with Everesse on re-branding our business. They are highly talented professionals who know their stuff. What I appreciate most is their practical and down to earth approach. They do not have a “know it all” personality and really listen to clients. They suggest action plans in a factual but also inspiring way. It was a pleasure working with them and we anticipate using them for more business coaching in the future.
Sia, Fashion Entrepreneur, Los Angeles
 I wasn't in the position to work with Everesse one-on-one but this course was the next best thing. As a creative, I was confident that I could rebrand myself if I just had the right process and resources. This course made it easier than I originally imagined and I'm so grateful I could stop spinning my wheels and finally build a brand presence I wasn't ashamed of showing off!
Melissa, Lifestyle Blogger, New York

The Brand Strategy Curriculum

1. Educate
Informational resources and preparatory questions to ask yourself before you start your branding work.

2. Audit
An internal assessment of your business and external research process that will serve as key inputs.

3. Ideate
A method for creative brainstorming to help you generate ideas that will form the essence of your brand.

4. Create
This is the core of the course: the strategic branding framework ("4Vs") you'll use to craft your brand.

5. Test
An easy method for garnering and processing feedback on your brand strategy before finalizing it.

6. Design
Recommendations for designing your brand identity to bring to life your visual strategy. 

Bonuses & Policies

The course includes The Branding Blueprint eBook and Workbook ($19 value) as a bonus. We also offer a 100% 7-day refund guarantee if you show you went through the course and didn't find it useful.

Learn the exact process we used to brand ourselves and dozens of other businesses.

Our entire livelihood is built around our brand and it has been the single most important contributor to our success as coaches, creators and entrepreneurs. We created this framework based on 15+ years working with some of the biggest most iconic brands in the world. 

This course is right for you if you need: 

  • a strong digital presence and online reputations
  • to establish credibility and thought leadership in your field
  • to be the face and voice of your business
  • a simple and cost-effective way to build your brand

What's included?

File Icon 4 files Text Icon 15 text files


Lesson 1: Course Overview
L1: Course Introduction
L1: Branding Process
The Branding Blueprint (Bonus)
243 KB
Brand Book Template
Lesson 2: Brand Education
L2: Lesson & Challenge
L2: Recommended Resources
Lesson 3: Brand Audit
L3: Lesson & Challenge
L3: Recommended Resources
Lesson 4: Brand Ideation
L4: Lesson & Challenge
L4: Recommended Resources
Lesson 5: Brand Creation
L5: Lesson & Challenge
L5: Recommended Resources
Lesson 6: Brand Test
L6: Lesson & Challenge
L6: Recommended Resources
Lesson 7: Brand Design
L7: Lesson & Challenge
L7: Recommended Resources
Brand Book Template
Additional Resources
Branding Inspiration
Brand Strategy Next Steps
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If you don't find the course useful, simply provide proof that you've worked through the material within 7 days and we will promptly refund you. 


You will receive the Branding Blueprint eBook and workbook ($19 value) for free as part of the course. 


The contents presented in this course are relevant to both personal and business branding.